Hi Chetanaites

I am selected for the company. The selection procedure includes 4 steps.

1. WRITTEN-(1 hour)

Total 20 questions.10 Fill in the blanks of prepositions, synonyms & antonyms,
2 passages related to computers.

Refer R.S.Agarwaal.
Topics on which questions were asked are:
· Blood Relations
· Directions
· Time & Distance
· Questions like if 100 people like to watch cricket, 200 like to watch football & so on…..

c) VERBAL & NON-VERBAL- Refer R.S.Agarwaal
Topics on which questions were asked are:
· Mathematical Operations
· Data Sufficiency
· Logic
· Puzzle Test


450 people cleared the written test out of 3000 people. On 25th August we had our GD & Interview. We reached our centre at 10AM. Firstly we had a 40-45mins PPT (Pre-Placement Talk). Listen carefully as it will help you in HR interview also.

2) GD-
Firstly the coordinator asked us to suggest some topics but he gave us the following topic: "IMPACT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN INDIA AFTER 10 YEARS."

In GD you must put your points confidently & speak something. If you put your points confidently they will select you. In our group 6 people were selected from 12. In GD 150 students were selected from 450.

3) HR-
· Tell me about yourself?
· Why your 12th % was low?
· Do you know C?
· What is linked list?
· What is stack pointer? (I didn’t know the answer & I simply said" I don’t know." Remember if you don’t know the answer tell them. It will be beneficial.)
· What is a register? http://www.ChetanaS.org
· What is the difference between LAN & WAN? (As I have asked her to ask from Computer Networks.)
· What is the difference between Routers & Switches?
· What is OSI?
· Name all the 7 layers of OSI.

Then the interviewer asked me if I was having any questions. I asked her that I want to pursue my MBA, how will Accenture help me out?

The HR interview carried out for about 10-15 mins. After my interview the interviewer told me to wait outside. I was told that I had cleared my HR & be ready for my Technical interview. After 10mins I was called for my technical interview.

It was carried out for about 15-20mins.
· Tell me about yourself?
· Which sport do u like?
· Why Accenture?
· Why should I hire you?
· Why your 12th% was low?
· Some concepts of addressing.
· Which subjects have you studied?
· What was your GD topic & questions related with GD topic?
· Why were u selected in GD?

The interviewer told me to wait for the results. At around 9:30PM our results were announced. My name was also there. 34 students were selected on that day & some of the students were having there interviews the next day as it was very late.

We were given the offer letter. The package is Rs.3,10,003.

Shashank Saxena

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)