Hi Chetanaites

I am G Shashi Pavan doing my MCA FINAL YR from St.joseph PG College Hyderabad. Happy to say that I got Selected for WIPRO Conducted at BVRIT Medak dist. Around 2300 came for the Interview and the interview process was on the same day only though they said it was a two days process.

The pattern is asusual three rounds...
1)APTITUDE(Analytical, verbal, technical[15+15+20=50])

We had three batches on that day and I was in the third batch they actually divided us into batches as 800 for 1st batch and 750 for second and 680 for 3rd batch. Finally from batch one they selected 200, batch 2 they selected 67, batch3 they selected 85. So Finally 350 members cleared the First round...

The Aptitude paper consists of Analytical, Verbal, Technical papers and anlytical part they concentrated on time & distance, train problems and some logical deduction which we can get through the options or chioces given there. I did 10 correctly and rest guesswork

Verbal part....it was really very very easy paper out of 15 v can easily attempt 10 directly and i kept 12 correct answers and the rest guesswork for us they gave a small Passage and 4 Q's.. it was a easy one on Education and next two Correct the sentences
two active n passive voices, two analogies
1)larval::insect(ans: embroynic: mammal)
2)hobble::walk(ans:stammer: speak)

Two idioms....
l)gift of a gab
2)To blaze a trail

and three jumble words we have to arrange them as adbc, bacd like that...
and for my friends they asked some antonyms nd synonyms like

and the Technical paper for us as v r from comp. science background it was not a problem ...tht paper was not so easy but i am sure for 10 Q's and the rest guesswork but i was sure about tht round and finally cleared the Round.

Our Results came in the evening around 7:30 pm and they announced tht they will finish the process on the same day so we had a long day session in that college and I really enjoyed alot on that day. Our batch had the interviews late night and my turn came at around 1:20 am (mid-night) and my interview went very cool.
The Interviewer was very cool and he too had a long day session so he was tired. first i entered the room with a big smile on my face and I am really saying this made me to move forward and to feel comfortable with the person.
He: come in
me: thank q sir
he: take ur seat
he: asked my resume
me: sure sir (I gave my resume with smiling face)
he: tell me abt urself
me: started with my academics,%'s, thats it I stopped there (but he expected more..waited for 1 min )
he: what is the diff b/w C, C++, Java?
Me: explained clearly (regarding exception handling feature which is not there in c, abt multi threading feature in java, compiling process of the three obj. File, class file....etc,. got impressed with this answer)
he: what is java?
Me: explained clearly the features of java (simple, robust, architecture neutral, security...etc.,.)
he: what is multiuser, multitasking...?
Me: explained (abt windows, UNIX OS)
he: discussed abt the whole day session with me (since he got tired .. I asked him this question tht y u r keeping this interview process on the same day... explained me clearly he was really cooooool)
me: discussing with him the same topic whiling the time
he: after that he asked me q's regarding cobol (I kept tht in my resume)
me: actually he impressed by seeing cobol in my resume and said tht he had never saw cobol recently in any resume and asked me to explain. And I explained briefly.
He: write a program to add 2 integers in cobol?
Me: started writing the prg and explained each line in the prg briefly (got impressed)
he: what is normalization?
Me: explained def. Part and told him tht I was not perfect in dbms concepts.(he said ok ..he was really coool and asked me q's on java)
he: write a complete java program to find fibbonacci series?
Me: wrote the complete program.....
Finally he gave the hr form to me and said all the best and I said thank u and came out with a big smile on my face... :)
Finally out of 350, 160 selected in that round....

Around 3:00 am I entered the HR panel.. there were three panels and after filling the HR form entered the panel with a smiling face and moreover they were in a hurry mood to leave the place ...so they were deciding the fate of the student in one minute time so i prepared myself to be more concentrated and not be tensed and to stay cool and to utilize the time in a perfect way. Entered  the room ...
She: come in
me: thank u mam
she: she was reading my hr form (from tht only they will ask q's)
she: introduce urself?
Me: explained abt academics in one line, then hobbies etc,.
She: how many friends do u have?(I said I am friendly)
me: if u see my orkut list it shows mam..
She: she laughed and asked how many?
Me: around 170..
She: thats great and asked regarding hobbies
she: wat kind of movies do u watch?
Me: love stories....
She:love stories??? Do u have girl friend??
Me: no mam..is it necessary mam
she: laughed and said no no
she: why Wipro?
Me: blah blah......
She: asked me about the bond details??
Me: said no (she explained)
she: asked me about relocation
me : said yes
she: ok u can leave
me: thank u mam.....

With a smile on my face I left the room and I am 100% confident that I will clear that round and finally at 3:30AM the results came Out of 160, 94  Selected and my name is shortlisted...

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)