Hi Chetanaites

The written tests r never tough (if they r tough for u then they r tough for all others who r attending with u) Go with this attitude u will surely clear the first round..

WIPRO written test consists of 3 sections: (50 Qstns in 60 mins)

Verbal part:(15)
This part is very easy...There will be 'fill in d blanks type Qstns'
passages which are very very easy, to save time, first read d Qstn n den go thrgh d passage...
prepositions n all basic english grammar such as active, passive, direct n indirect speech...

Aptitude part:(15)
This part was tough...Many said it was almost of CAT type Qstns...I somehow managed to answer dem
Solve from R.S.Aggarwal verbal n non-verbal text and also Quantitative TXT buk.
Qstns will be on time n work,distance,trains..... TO B ON SAFER SIDE SOLVE VERBAL N NON_VERBAL TXT FULL (excluding LOGICAL AND next part).

Technical part:(20)
This part is not as tough as many guys say, its very easy if u r cool minded n dnt b in a hurry to solve the prgmmin Qstns...there will be 1 or 2 Qstns on program output (try to solve from TEST UR C SKILLS buk)
i didnt prepare for this part....some of the Qstns wer:::::

1)Hard disk is made of
a)polythene  b)paper  c)mylar  d)tin  [Ans:c]
Few Qstns on errors such as run-time, logical, syntax errors
Basic programming Qstns such as the answer for 22|7(this is not divisible operator but an OR operator)

1st part-9 or 10 out of 15
2nd part-9 or 10 out of 15
3rd part-10 out of 20 for CS and IS (5 for non-IT branches)
no negative marking -so attend every Qstn and most of the answers will be potion A or C
->>>>>>OUT OF 210, 80 cleared d written->>>>>>>

Technical interview will be bit tough. They will ask Qstns from all subjects. OS, DS, Project work is a main part -most of d Qstns will b on dis, C/C++, microprocessors, LD, CN, DBMS, SE.
The HR wont go deep in every subject instead he checks whether u know something in every subject.. Be cool n answer them n dont panic if u dnt knw....
The Qstns will be mainly on ur favourite subjects....(so b thorough in ur areas of interest)

If u r here then u r almost done......The HR round is just a formality in WIPRO but sometimes they eliminate many....Tech Qstns will also b asked here, inorder to escape from this --- In ur reply to the Qstn TELL ME SOMETHING ABT URSELF tell him:- everything that u have to say AND THAT U R A SPORTSMAN.....he wont ask u tech qstns

I was asked ----->>>>>>>>>>>
1)Tell me something abt urself
2)What do u like the most in ur campus
3)why i was unable to get into TCS n INFY- I said WIPRO was my dream comp so to gain xperience in written n other rounds i attended those companies, So that i was well prepared for WIPRO.....

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)