Hi Chetanaites

The exam was held at Annamacharya Insitute of technology....

No of students appeared: 1800 (approximately)
No of students finally selected: 82

The Entire test procedure was like this...

  VERBAL TEST (15 Questions)
  QUANTITATIVE TEST (15 Questions)
  TECHNICAL TEST (20 Questions)


[1] APTUTUDE TEST (9:45 am-10:45am)

VERBAL TEST (15 Questions)
NO paragraph for us.....

1.Direct & indirectspeech(2)
3.Rearrangement of letters(2)
4.One meanig like LASSITUDE
Refer highschool English grammar.. its enough.
Refer R.S .Agrawal for this. its enough... problems are frm time&work, problems on ages, boats&streams, time&distance, coding&decoding, numberseries etc..

Even though I belong to IT stream, Technical paper was some What difficult.

1.Conversion of binary to decimal
2.logic gates(1)very easy.
& some other questions..

After 2hrs results were announced. from our college 65 are selected in written test..
TECHNICAL INTERVIEW (around 20 - 30 min)
1.Tell me about ur self..
2.What rank u will give 2 urself in C    A:2
3.Write any C program    A:I wrote prime no's program
4.Diff b/n C&C++
5.Diff b/n Java&C++
6.Sql queries(3)
7.Some questions in cn like wat is udp, tcp, diff b/n udp&tcp
8.What is http http://www.ChetanaS.org
9.He is asked do u know about uml.
    A:I said we don't have dat subject....
I:He asked me to show my marklists......When I was taking he said no need...
10.Some questions in SE like
11.S/W life cycle..
12.Diff b/n whitebox&blackbox testing
13.Integration testing    Which was explained by me
14.Which components are used in testing..
A:I said I don't know sir....

Whatever u say give ur answers confidently.....whether it is rite r not.. Finally he give me HR form..

36 are selected frm Technical frm our ksrm College...
HR INTERVIEW (around 10 minutes)
ME Good evng mam
HR:Good evng Archana how r u
   ME:I m fine
HR Tell me about ur self other than academic details...
HR How will u manage ur team as I mentioned teammember  in HR form
    ME:Which was explained

AS I was mentioned one of my hobbies as web browsing
HR Hobbies:which websites do u use
For What u will use.
     ME I told dat google, yahoo, orkut..
HR Tell me about orkut..
HR:I give u some northside as location u wont do..
    ME:Getting a job in Wipro is great.. Wherever u will give I will do (she is impressed)
Hr:I ask u bond for 2yrs u will do......
    ME:Yes mam(said confidently)
HR:Any questions 2 the panel
    ME:Can I have feedback abt my interview
HR U can see in Ur results
HR Thank u archana..
ME Thank u mam

Results were announced nextday. I was selected. I believe both hard work and God's grace have paid for my success.

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)