Hi Chetanaites

My name is Hrushikesh, studying final year BTech in RGM... Selected to Wipro on Aug 11 which is held at RGM college.

The Selection Process for WIPRO mainly contains 3 rounds:
1.Written test
2.Technical Interview
3.HR Interview

In Round 1 the paper consists of 50 questions (of objective type only) into 3 sections.
Section 1: English
Section 2: Aptitude
Section 3: Technical

Total students appeared for 1st round are 1100. Some Questions that i have remembered, so that it may help you.They are:

Section 1: English (15 questions)
1.Converting Active Voice to passive voice
2.Converting passive voice to active voice
3.spelling correction leisure, some other one easy
it was easy if you r well in your tenth class English as well as intermediate English grammer
two meanings
sentence completion, active passive,

Section 2 : Aptitude
one from numbers systems, next figure sequence, averages.
1 direct question from rs agarwal quant
and other chapters they may jumble the chapters paper is some wat difficult
arthmatic it may take much time so u do English then Tech then Maths. dont waste much time for them

Section 3 : Technical

3 questions on C, divide by zero error is __________ error, one ans is Frame buffer
one is abt NIS, C++, etc were give read test ur C skills yeswanth kanithkar direct questions, nad some previous questions u may get at least some if u r lucky ChetanaS
Cut off mark was not announced may be 8 eng, 8 apt, 7 tech for non IT students
I was lucky on that day and tat was my 7th attempt to campus. After announcin results at 12:45 immediately after lunch they started technical interview at 2pm

There are 12 panels
I entered room wished, and sat there.
He asked for resume given; first question is tell abt ur self, said and I am some wat nervous at tat time
then he asked wat is signal, wat is pulse ?
Actually I dont know ans I said some def not correct but approxmately
then I am so nervous so said
be cool i am your frd and drink some water then I had it
then he asked my certificates- given. Then see my % are 80 in tenth, 87in inter, 68 in btech
y decresed in btech I said because of journey. less time for preparation.
Seen my certificate tat I had presented paper in JNTU university asked totally abt it I was prepapred for tat so ans well then he gave me a form..
After filling the form immediately they called for hr

1.why is your name so difficult ?
2.Tell about ur self?
3.Why should I hire u ?
5.In which areas u want to improve?
6.Tell something which is not in your resume ?

Over it was completed in 6min. Finally results announced at 11:30. Luckyly my name was there.

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)