Hi Chetanaites

This is Balaji recently I had my test at Sriindu Coll of Engg.
Written test pattern is
Verbal 15 questions
quant cum reasoing 15 questions
Technical 20 questions

1.long passage which contains 5 questions
    go thrugh the questions n try to pick the answers from the pass
2.Active voice & Passiv voice
3.Harbinger syn--
4.Match the following which contains meanings
5.Direct n Indirect speech
sorry i dont remember remaining one
1 Most of the questions from reasiong
2 Number series(very difficult) 2
3 Time and Distance
   A man driving a car then see his spedometer the number is palindrome. the number is 13931 km. after driving for 2hr then he see the another palindrome number. find the speed of the car?
4. He explain the structure of a crystal and ask that number of tennis balls are fit in that side of the crystal?
5. One number is divided with 121 then the remainder is 25 and this number is divided with 11 the remainder is?
6. A preson has 'k' rs. He went to casino and paid 5rs at entrance, inside the casino money was doubled and came outside and paid 5rs at parking and he went to another casino paid 5rs at entrance, indise money was doubled and cam outside and paid 5rs at parking then he has no money in his pocket. what is the value of k?
I dont know the remaining questions
   int i=5;
 ans :compiler error
2: which is not a key word?
  a. int b. printf c. void  d.double  
           ans: printf
3:  which is not a key word in c?
a. class b.int c.float d.void      
           ans: class
4. what is the order of preorder traversal?
   ans: first root,left subtree,right subtree
5 which  is not correct in c++?
a.for(i=0;i<=n;i++)   b.  like this...........
            ans: d (all of the above)
6: one question on constructers and destructers?
   ans  they does not have any return type
7: one qustion on arrays?
8:they gave sorting algorithm and some numbers like 10,-8,4,-2,9 like this?
9 one unix command
  what is the command for copying duplicate contents of one file to another file ?
 a: print b.copy  c. cp  d.none of the above
            ans. cp

10. one question from networking

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)