Hai Chetanaites


This Is Ahmed. I attended WIPRO conducted in Bangalore. I got placed

The recruitment pattern is as follows:
1) written test
2) Tech Itw
3) HR itw

Written test was a little bit tuff. The preparation of old papers of Wipro models will be enough. A 10 days Preparation for Written Exam is Enough you Got to do Quick so that you can make out the time in Technical Section as There is Sectional Cut-off you got Do all the section. Allocate Time for
All Sections



Comments: English test Was Normal. Simple Synonyms-Antonyms (2 quest) 2 quest on arrangement of jumbled sentences. few quest was really tough but who says to trouble your mind on every quest. 


Comments: Normal Aptitude questions, i cant tell you the specific books as i had not prepared like that.


Comments: Questions were based on the subjects of CS Branch. Like C  language programs output, theoretical questions on Binary Tree (around 3-4) questions based on Unix, Operating Systems etc.

INTERVIEW----SECOND ROUND (surely a stress interview for all so be cool and calm mostly on FCFS BASIC)


The tech interview for IT & allied students would be really tough….
If u have any project prepare thoroughly for that…..
The panel is genuinely a tough nut to crack…..

For non IT students a good knowledge of C language should be sufficient……


It went for 30-40 Mins...just me....and other Computer languages is added advantage



I entered the Room I greeted Good Morning

He also Greeted and said hai


Where are you Frm ?

Some of the questions were :

1.)Tell me abt u r self 

2.)Explain your Project ?

3.) questions based on your Project

4.)What is C ? (middle level lang)

5.)questions based on strings ?

6.)What is a Struct ?

7.)Diff between Struct & Unions ?

8.)What is a Pointer & Where are they Used  & Why ?

9.)What is a Function? Why r they used

10.)Swapping of two numbers ?explain …

11.) Difference between calloc and malloc & realloc?

12.)What is call by reference & call by Value Diff between them

13.)What are Stacks & queues Where are they used ?

14.) asked something on linked list

15.)Write the logic of Quick sort

16.)5 to 8 questions based on D.B.M.S

16.)What is your Project life Cycle ( I explained )

17.)if there is to find error in the project life cycle before Testing Where could we find it? (Explained clearly )


The questions will follow From the Topic you have Ended so be prepared. And in the last he just saw my Resume for 1 Min and gave the H.R form

I said Thank you and took the form


In this round out of 80 (35 cleared)


This is a cool round. don't blabber. think and answer as the questions will be built on the basic of
ur answer. Answer spontaneously (30 Mins)


Tell abt u r self (Answer Well becoz this is the first question mostly Will ask)


Abt your hobbies (I said Chess )

He asked Which opening

So be prepared abt u r hobbies also well


Why software? (non-IT students be prepared )

I told I want challenging job And good Growth

He told you Will Get challenging job in your field also then Why Software

I Answered (so be Prepared)

why should we hire u ?

I told I am Hard Worker

He asked how can you say you are a Hard worker

I explained

why Wipro ?

Did you attend any company ?

what are ur achievements ?

Goals ?


And int explained me abt the bond and asked me ok With it

I am Fine with the bond

Abt relocation

I said any where in India

He told me 2 platforms and told to Choose between them and Why ?

I said Networking and Explained for abt 3 mins

And he said ok wait for the result; Results were Declared in Half hour as I Was the last one no need to Wait long

(out of 35 –10 Cleared )


So be confident. don’t feel that u will not be selected


anyhow they shortlisted 10 from that and my God, I was also in that list. I felt very happy..