Hi chetanaites

We have an offcampus for Infosys on 7-Oct-2007

The written test consist of two sections
Logical - 35 min
Verbal- 30 min

Prepare well from r.s agrawal (verbal & nonverbal both)
time management is very important..

Logical -
q-1 logical (5 ques....)
mr.Ravan has 4 sons Mukesh, Sameer, Kamal, & Shalendra. He give 20 lakh gold coin to all of his son in total no son got less than 3 coins, Mukesh got highest no. Of coin & Shalendra got lowest no. Of coin if Sameer got 1 more than Kamal, one man named Arjun came & asked son to find no. Of coins they got

1: Tell how much coin did mukesh got?
Ans-8 lakh
trick-if shalendra got -3
x=8 lakh coins  

2: How much coin did sameer got?
Ans-5 lakh

3: Wat is sum of coin mukesh & shalendra got?
Ans-8+3=12 lakh
there were two more ques on this sorry I don't remember...

Q-2 find out odd figure out? (Simple)-5 ques were based on this....

Q-3 data sufficiency-(simple)-5 ques....
1: if a 2 = 25 2:  b=6
tell a>b?
Ans-(e) as both 1 &2 are required to together to ans above que..
4 more que were based on this sorry I don't remember..

Q-4 data interpretation-5 ques....
in this data was given in tabular form it was giving % demand of oil, natural gas, coal,...
1: We have to find highest % demand required ...
Sorry friends I don't remember ques..

Q-5 puzzel-
an  mr  visited to 7 doctors clinic m,n,o,p,q,r,s.one by one frm 9 a.m to 4 p.m. he visited to every doctor for 30 min & take rest of 25 min, except after the visit of 5th doctor where he take rest of 50 min, he visited s not before 9:30 a.m & after 10:30 a.m. he visited q immidiately after m, he visited p & n between 2:30 p.m & 3:30 p.m and some more condition were given like this we have to find sequence in which mr visited doctors.
5-Que was based on this..

Q-6 syllogism (5 ques were based  on this)
1: (a) some books r novel
(b)some novel r pens
Derive conclusion..?
Remember here 5 conditions are given wat I did I solved all the above part but for this I just remember god & ticked.... It all depends on ur luck so pray pray & pray only for clearing written test..

our results were declared on same day.

2 long rc were given (some q were given) frnd do it at last..
1st do all rest part it was a bit tough section
1: some 5-6 q were based on correct sentence
2: some 5-6 were based on fill up blanks (correct preposition, grammer...)
frnds I don't remember this section very well
but prepare well for grammer frm (wren & martin).. specially preposition, tense, voice, speech...and rest depends on god..

Interview -
next day we have interview. It was totally hr interview
hr manger asked me abt me.. my family.. my fathers occupation..
The he asked wat is meant by team management?
Then he asked how many frnd I have? Wat good qualities ur frnd wll tell abt u?

Then he asked 2 puzzles frm me one was based on clock
1: divide the clock into 3 parts such that sum of all individual parts should b equal?

2: U r taken to room where heap of 3 different colour socks r kept and ur eyes r also closed how many minimum no of picks r required to form pair?ans- 4
then atlast they said anything u want to ask?
I said sir have I answered all the q correctly
he said if I were in ur position how would u rate me in 10?
I said sir I would have given atleast 7 they said sure I said yes sir(confidently)..
they said ok don't worry.....
I shaked hands wth them and said thanku sir and came out with pleasant smile.

Friends b very careful the only thing u have to do is 2 pray 2 lord with all ur heart and he will definetly make it. The interview result was sent to us through mail. I got selected.


(Paper submitted by : priya)