Hi Chetanaites

This is Sonal Khandelwal.. I have written the test on November 25th 2007 at St.Francis college, Hyderabad .. Nearly 350 members attended the test and they selected only 72 members and I was one of them..

Aptitude paper :: 30 Questions 40 minutes  

1-5 sum on dice

6-10 series completion figures (easy)

11-15 data sufficiency (again easy from R.S.Agarwal)

16-20 data interpretation (time consuming)

21-25 puzzle test from R.S.Agarwal

26-30 sorry I don't remember bt was easy

Verbal Paper :: 40 Questions 30 minutes

2 passages 10 Questions

11-20  Choose the correct Sentence from the given 5 statements

21-30  Fill in the blanks with appropriate word

30-40  Small passages were given nd we shud choose the correct statement which is correctly suitable to that passage..

Verbal was easy..

Just prepare R.S.Agarwal verbal and non verbal reasoning book its sufficient..  

HR interview
Mine was at 11.40am bt they called me at 2.30pm. I went inside nd wished them nd have my seat..

There were two persons in the panel. One lady and a man both were old bt they were cool nd jovial..  

They asked me
Situation reaction test.. how do u react if a particular situation happened in ur life..

They asked me about our family details..

A topic was given and I shud speak on that for 2 mins

A simple puzzle was given.

They don't want the answers from us bt they see how we approach to solve that puzzle..

And the 5 uses of a Stapler
And blah blah.....

Finally they asked me any Questions Sonal..
Then I asked them regarding the training and the clients of Infosys and blah blah..

Then they asked me to leave nd said ok bye Sonal..

I wished them thanks nd said Have a nice day sir mam...
Ok bye..

They said that they will declare the results after 2 to 3 weeks...

B cool and Confident..its sufficient

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)