Hi Chetanaites

This is R.Srinivasan writing to you about my Infosys interview experience. My Interview was held on 28th october 2007 at Trichy Anna university. 1224 candidates had appeared for a written test and 144 candidates have been shortlisted.

Test Pattern:

Logical Reasoning: (30 ques) (Test duration 40 mins)
>Direction sense test.(5 ques)
>Figure Completion series.(5 ques)
>Data Sufficiency.(5 ques)
>Data Interpretation.(5 ques)
>Puzzle Test.(5 ques)
>Syllogism.(logical deduction)(5 ques)

Except DI you can go through RS Agarwals' verbal and Non-Verbal book. For DI you can go through Quantative Aptitude from the same author.

Verbal Ability: (40 ques)(30 mins test duration)
>Comprehension.(5 ques)
>Comprehension.(5 ques)
>Identifying the correct sentense.(10 ques)
>Sentense Completion.(5 ques)
>Finding Logically correct sentense.(10 ques)

Well,If you know basic grammer and the usage of prepositions thats enough.

HR Interview:
My HR Interview was held about 20 mins. and my interviewr was somewhat aged male.
Me: May i get in sir.
Int: Yes, get in
Me: Thank you sir,
int: please be seated.
me: thank you sir.
int : hmm, R.Srinivasan.. Tell me about your college.
me: told a few points.
int: i want to know about your college.
me: i told the full college history. (he was pleased)
int: where did you study these languages
me:sir, C i have studied on my self interest with dennis ritche book and Java i was gone through a course.
int: oh,what you've done in technical admad (i've won 1st prize in technical admad and few ppts')
me: told...sir i've leaded the team.
int: leaded?? what you've done while you were a leader.
me:i've made the script in a short time and made the scenes and also trained my groupmates to act accordingly
int: pleased, asked to solve a simple puzzle,
me: solved at once when he ended up his question.
int: quite pleased. asked about my marks and family BG.
me: told.
int: oh, you know dancing..which kinda dance you preform? salsa?
me: no sir, western and folk, i've participated in various intercollege culturals.
int: ok, why do you think we must give you the job?
me: I'm dedicated, flexible and innovative.
int: ok Srinivasan, we'll let you know if you're shortlisted and your training will be either in Mysore or Banglore.
me: ok sir, Thank you. (left the panel with a Firm handshake)

A simple tactic, have a smile on you face. be stick to your confidence..and you can win the challenge. i've lost same Infy before an year.But this time never give up. Take it as a self challenge and do it.

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)