Hi Chetanaites

My name is Felix, from Trichy. I attended Infosys offcampus interview on October 28th in ANNA UNIVERSITY CAMPUS, Trichy. 1224 students attended the test.

The first round had 2 sections:
Logical Reasoning section:
Here u need to answer 30 questions in 40 mins.
The CUT-OFF was 15 out of 30.

First have a point in mind. There is NO NEGATIVE MARKING. So attend all the questions.

Dont strike any option in answer sheet and overwrite again. Because it wont be treated as an answer. It will be omitted.

This section was very easy. But needs practice. Refer Non-verbal and verbal reasoning by R.S.Agarwal book. Similar models with clear explanation is given in that book.

Okay now let me recollect some questions which i got in the test.

Que 1 to 5: we can complete the 1st 5 questions in 3mins. very very simple. it was like finding the direction.
eg.1.A boy walks 40 km north and then walks 50km towards east.then turns right and walks 30km and then turns right and  walks 50km.Now what is the distance between this point and the starting place?
2.A boy walks some distance towards north and then turns right,walks some distance.After walking some time he turns left and walks some distance and then walks some dist and then he walks at an angle of 45degree towards right and then turns to his left and walks.Towards Which direction was he walking finally?
3.A man walks 10km towards west.Then which of the combinations will take him to the original starting position?         
Options:a)left,left,right  b)left,right,right  c)right,left,right  d)right,right,right

Other 2 questions i dont remember. But was very simple like this only.

Ques 6 to 10: Here 5 pictures are given and are logically related. 3rd picture was missing. It was pretty tough than i expected. I went without preparation for these type of questions. Better u practice some questions like this. Then u will get idea. All these practise is just for saving time only because u will attend all questions if 1hour time is given. But here u need to attend 30questions in 40 mins. So practice sincerely atleast 1week before the test.

11 to 15: Data sufficiency
Refer data sufficiency chapter in R.S.Agarwal (Verbal and non-verbal). Thats more than enough.
The pattern was like
 a)if a alone is sufficient to answer the question
 b)if b alone  is sufficient
 c)if either a or b alone is sufficient to answer it
d)neither a nor b is sufficient to answer the question
e)we need both a as well as b to answer the question

Okay, be careful in choosing the option. Read the options twice or thrice and think logically while having an eye over the time.
11.Is (x)power4 -2(x)power3-34 > (y)power2?
given a)x is real
B)y is less than 0

I dont remember the Other 4 questions. But easy only. You can easily answer 3 to 4 questions correct.

16 to 20: Data Interpretation
 Bar chart or Pie chart will be given.
The problem given to me was a bar chart representing the sales of paint company in 5 years.
And 5 questions were asked like what is the increase in percentage in 1996 to 1995.
Like these only.Simple.
Better try some problems in data interpretation chapter.

21 to 25:Puzzle test
Refer Puzzle test in R.S.Agarwal and work out all problems within a day.U will surely answer all the 5 questions correctly.

The question I had was: There are 8 teachers a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h each teach different subjects.3 teachers are female and remaining are gents.4 of the teachers hold a Ph.d degree.G is a lady without a ph.d.F is a lady with a ph.d.A teaches chemistry.C is a lady teaching biology.D or E dont teach either physics or commerce.the one who teaches law is not a ph.d holder.The one who teaches literature is nOT A LADY.
21)Who teach physics?
22)who is not a lady?
23)which of the statements is false?
    a)A-physics,b)B-lady,c)-ph.d ,d)E-maths
24)who teach zoology?
  a)c ,b)H , c)C or H,  d)cannot be determined
25)which of the statement is true?

All u need is to construct a chart with the details given. thats it u can answer 3 or 4 easily. 1 or 2 questions u need to think and answer. Simple.

26 to 30: Syllogisms
Study all 9 rules in R.S.Agarwal and try to solve all the problems and read the explanation for each problem  given in the book.Thats it , if u r thorough with the rules, its very easy to finish 5 questions in 5 mins.
Which of the following combinations are logically correct and related to each other?

Hint: First goto the 4 options given.Analyse the combination whether it is logically related?Thats it.simple
26)a)All crows are black
   b)All birds are crows
   c)All birds are black
   d)All birds are feathers
   e)All black are claws
   f)All black are parrot
a)abc  b)ade c)fcb d)cda

Remember conclusion of two statements is different from logically related statements. So be careful in choosing your answer.
27)a)Shyam plays chess
   b)There is no need to be intelligent to win a chess game
   c)Shyam lost in chess
   d)Shyam is not intelligent
   e)Shyam is educated
   f)Shyam is intelligent

Remaining problems were also simple like these only. So if you plan ur time and attend all questions u can easily score 20 to 25. The cut-ff for selection would be 15 to 18.So if u give correct answers for 18 or more, u r definitely in which is easily possible with some practise.

Next is the English section
Verbal Section:
Here 40 questions to be solved in 35 minutes.Cut-off will be 20 to 22. So try to attend all 40 questions. It doesnt need any practise if ur English is above average i.e. if u r good in the grammatical area.

2 Reading comprehensions:(5+5=10 qs)
Both passage has 5 qs and both were easy only. Dont read each and every line. Just scan the lines in 2 minutes. Goto the questions and come back to the passage immediately and read the concerned lines quickly. U can finish both the passages in 12 to 13 minutes which is quite good. But dont spend more than 15 minutes here. Otherwise u wont have time to complete fully.

Checking Grammar:(8qs)
8 questions with 4 options each were asked. Need to find out which option is correct grammatically and makes sense. Thats it. Dont spend more than 8 mins here.
eg.a)Today farming is very much precarious enterprise among all.
   b)Farming today is the most precarious enterprise of all.
   c)Farming today is the most precarious enterprise in all.
   d)farming enterprise today is one of the most precarious enterprise.

All 8 questions were like these only. If u r quick in grasping, u will finish these 8 qs in 5 mins.
Fill ups: (8qs) 8 questions.

A big sentence was given. And some where in between there will be a blank. U need to choose the option which suits the blank exactly. There were 8 qs here and i found it little hard. So i took around 10 mins. I dont remember any question exactly. They may be a part of a passage related to history, science or anything. Just testing our english.

Small passage:(5 qs)
A small passage like a story was given in 5 lines and 5 questions were asked.Just read the passage fast and goto the questions. 4 options were given and u need to analyse which option will suit the question. Thats it. U can finish these 5 qs in 3-4 mins itself.

Which is true? (9 questions)
They gave some 3 lines of content in every question and it had 4 options asusual. U need to find out which of the 4 options will be true according to the content given. This was also easy only.

Now after reading my experience, u would have got some idea. I also went to the test after reading these kind of experiences given by some unknown person.Thanks to all of them. thats it. All u need is to have some practise in the related areas and have confidence.Its easy to clear the 1st round.
Then we waited 2 hrs for the result.
144 students were shortlisted for the next round.53rd name was mine.

HR interview:
Once u r shortlisted for the next round means, sit alone and just relax. Calm down and cool yourself. If u think u need some preparation, dont take any book and read. just answer urself within mind some of the usually asked qs like
1.tell about urself,
2.why your % went down in B.E compared to 10th and 12th std?
3.why r u interested to enter IT field?
4.Just make your resume simple.pls dont make it heavy by mentioning unwanted extra details.Questions will be asked only based on the data which u have given in ur resume.
5.Prepare information about ur project.
7.If u had any arrears during ur degree,there is a definite question about the arrear subject. Just he will ask what is the subject related to? what does it mean? Nothing else. Just be mentally prepared.

Another thing is fill up the Infosys form carefully without any mistake before the 1st round. Because in the HR interview the questions will be partially based on those details also.

Thats it other than these things 1 puzzle may or may not be asked based on the interviewer u have.Just answer boldly whatever u say. Dont say 'i dont know' for any of the qs which he asks. Just try ur level best to answer them. Be positive. It doesnt need that only if u solve the puzzle, ul be selected. Even if u don know the puzzle, they ll just see ur approach towards the problem, thats it.

They said that final result of selected students will be mailed in a month. So im waiting for these 30days..

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)