Hi Chetanaites

I always used to read all your experiences and got benefitted a lot. This time there is little change in the pattern of selection.

Pattern: Written & Interview only.

Written: Total 15 questions. There will be 4 easy questions which can be answered in 5min, then try to do another 4 in 25 min, that's all. This is for those who are fully confident of getting those 8 right, because cutoff will be < 7 at max 8. Others try to answer maximum and for some question we can eliminate 3 options easily. Be careful negative marking is there. One thing written test is easy. For written test I'll recommend u all please refer R.S Agarwal.

Some questions of apti are-

1) Avarage weight of p,q,r is given (cannot remember) the ratio of students in class p&q is 3:4. no of students in r is 25% more than p. Find the avarage of all the 3 classes.

2) What will be the next in sequence (5 options were given) (diagram)

3) A,B,C,D,E are 5 in family. A& D are unmarried women & dont work. in family there are businessman, professor, artist. B is the brother of a & is not artist or businessman. E is husband. Who is professor?
a)A    b)B    c)D    d)E    e)none of these

4) pie chat is given for a salary 6000 what will be the ratio of radius with a salary of 1500.
a)2:1      b)1:2       c)3:2     d)none of these.

5) Sum in S.I. becomes 5 times its pincipal in 8 years what is the rate?
a)5/2     b)6/3      c)       d)none of these.

6) Question on probability

7) question in series completion

8) Question on Calender

9)                    ?
                126     161
             63      71        79
          25     29       33        37
      8       10     12        14        16
   1       2      3        4         5        6
a) 220    b) 226   c) 227   d) 300   e) None of above
               (1+2)+5=8, (2+3)+5=10
               (8+10)+7=25, (10+12)+7=29
               (25+29)+9=63, (29+33)+9=71

10)   T=T+2;
If T7<6
Then go to T1
What is the final output?
a) 4     b) 6    c) 7     d) 32    e) None of above
T2 is not defined

Other questions I don't remember sorry... but overall written paper was easy.. only funda to crack it is do only correct questions.. any wrong attempt may decrement the chance of your selection.. cutoff will be 7 to 9 out of 15 and remember there can be upper cutff.
The interview procedure is common Tech & HR together. There was 4 panel.. 3 were taking interview of those who r interested in Integrated Engineering Services (IES) and other was taking of Software interested students.. Before interview u will have to fill up a form.. please write only correct information becoz most of the questions will be asked from it.

I had given my interview to the software panel...

They had asked questions like
Tell me about ur self
Ur family background

The interview was more a stress interview.
if u r confident and technically sound then definitely u will get through.
CONFIDENCE is the main key to success.
Prepare all the concepts that r mentioned in the resume well.

All the questions will be from those subjects only. Atlast he told me to write 6 lines on any technical term.. I explained my project..

Overall it was very good experience.

Remember the most imp thing u need for interview is confidence, patience, attitude. They will make u wait for a long time outside the interview room. In my case I was waited for 4 hours outside, so be patient. Go with nothing to lose attitude u will crack the interview.

From 536 students.. 213 were selected for interview and out of these 137 made it to Satyam.. I am glad to see my name in the list and finally I was no more unemployed.

Gurpeet Singh

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)