Hi Chetanaites

Im SAURABH TRIPATHI of Raipur Institute of Technology, Raipur. Currently im in VIIth sem comp.science. I attended d Satyam campus on 10th of dis month nd finally got thru.

First i wud like 2 tell all of u dat even if u have not been selected till now den dont loose ur heart. It was my 10th campus in which I got success.

It was a pool campus. around 600 appeared for d test den 213 made it for d second round nd finally 137 got selected finally.

Wwe had 2 phases.
1. Aptitude test:15 ques in 30 mins.1 mark for each right nd 0.25 -ve 4r wrong answer.
2. Tech+Hr.

We didnt had GD but they can take also if students r more.
Aptitude test was very simple wid 2-4 ques tricky one.
since der is a -ve marking so be careful 2 attempt d ques. just do 7-10 ques correctly n u will b in.

just do r.s agrawal both verbal n non verbal
2.time nd speed
3.prblm on trains
5.conclusion 2 short paragraphs(do it frm r.s agrawal non verbal)
6.pyramid series
7.number series.
8.clocks nd calendars
9.data sufficiency.
11.blood relationship.
do dese topics thoroughly.

der were 2 panels one was asking both hr+tech n was only hr. if u r going 2 opt for d Satyam engg. services den u must hav strong technical.
I was asked only hr ques, like.
1.where u will c urself after 5 yrs
2.tell me abt urself.
3.ques of relocation.
4.strength n weakness etc.

1.enter d romm wid a smiling face.
2.shake hands wid confidence.
3.do not bluff.
4.be confident.
5.answer d ques as aoon it is asked dont b silent.
6.spk watever u want wid confidence but also b very cautious while u r speaking so. if u will not keep dese things in mind den u r going 2 b trapped easily. this was all my experince.
dont ever loose ur heart becoz no body knows wen ur day is.

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)