Hi Chetanaites

I m here to share my experience how I ve faced al d rounds and finally became d employee of TCS!!!

my written test was on 13th Oct. it was ok.. I prepared synonyms and antonyms from frequently asked words GRE(barrons)..

i ve not prepared for aptitude and reasoning section bcoz i m good enough in these parts.. but i ll suggest u people to go through barrons for reasoning part and any previous asked ques for aptitude.. i think if u solve 80% of apti, 2 out of 3 resonings and 50% of verbal..u ll easily get through in this round.. try to answer d comprehensive parts in reverse manner.. first see d ques then search for d answer by direct viewing of remarkable words... it was online test, but i got d result after 5 days on TCS website...

TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: My tech interview was in think campus, Elec City. I had to wait 4 long.. it was started at 11 AM... there was a lady in my panel..first she asked about myself.. then she asked my favourite subject.. I told C++ and DBMS... In C++, she asked evrything like polymorphism, inheritence, abstract class etc..and programs on d same.. in DBMS, she asked wat s RDBMS, diff b/n DBMS nd RDBMS, inner & outer join, normalisation and normal forms, trigger, view and some quries to write...
she asked even from OS and Unix also... she asked all d basic commands of UNIX.. and scheduling. wat s process, wat s thread, wat s kernal etc.. in OS..

I answered most of the ques correctly.. but i was not so confident in OS.  So i told confidently tat i ve studied it long back so i dont hav much knowledge in this sub.. she asked me d last ques.. wat s d diff b/n unique key and primary key? i know it was so easy but at tat moment it didnt click.. then she told "u can go" ...i thought i was rejected..
but after 5 min they called me 4 HR round..

HR ROUND: There was a guy...he asked me to sit.. then he asked d same ques "tel me about urself".. I replied confidently... as i had mentioned in my resume "i like writing poem"...he asked tat whether i hav written any poem on my GF.... i told tat i m writin but there s no end 4 this poem... then he asked about my GF for 5 min as he was young guy..  as i ve mentioned one more thing in my resume " watching sports live".. he asked who recently beats Roger Federer...i replied correctly...its Nalbandian... he was happy with my answers..

than he asked me whether i ll be agreed to two yrs bound, whether i can work in night shift and etc..etc.. finally he asked tat whether i hav any ques to ask... i asked tech ques "wat s mainframe???" finally he told tat it was nice talkin to u.. BEST OF LUCK.. i replied "thank u!!!"


so guys be confident in watever u r saying and be natural. no need to expose. u can also get into TCS...

Rakesh Kumar Priyadershini

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)