Hi Chetanaites

TCS visited our college on 1st Nov 2007 to recruit MBA graduates from our college. 42 students from all the streams sat for it and finally 6 got selected. I was one of them.

the selection process started with the written aptitute test for 1 1/2 hours which consisted of three sections :-
a.) Verbal : 70 - 80% of the questions were repeated from the previous years papers.
b.) Quantitative : basic mathematics question. a very little practice for engineers required. only few questions are formula based.
c.) Critical reasoning : the maximun time taking section. so plz manage the time accordingly. try to retain your CAT fundas.

There were in total 86 questions and the cutt off this time was around 70 - 75%. So keep ur nerves kool nd move ur hands fast. time is really not sufficient!!!!

(Marketing) 19 students got selected in round II who were then asked to fill up a form and called for the interview the same day. it was the technical interview round nd questions related to software management nd selling were asked. (plz read KOTLER nd use your fundas). be kool while answering questions. they were very freindly people. it was a personal interview.

(Finance) questions related to finance were asked nd probably the grilling was more as compared to other streams.

(Systems) brush up ur languages whatever u have mentioned in the CV.

(HR) they were called to the office for the interview. brush up ur knowledge about labour laws nd hrp.

this round was only for marketing students nd was very similar to HR round. only three students were called for this round. the quetions related to family background and situation based questions were asked. you have to be extremely kool and confident while answering. be adamant on ur answers.

Finally the result was announced the same day and 6 people got selected, 2 from marketing, systems and HR each. none from finance.


(Paper Submitted By : Priya)