Hi Chetanaites

I am Shailaja did my B.Tech from CSIT stream. On october 6th at 8a.m I had my written test. On october 6th and october 7th nearly 25,000+ students attended that test. So, 2338 students got cleared for the written test. If you prepare GRE Barrons and previous papers, then i am sure you will be selected for the written test. So, its not that big task to prepare for written test.

And coming to Technical Interview,
i had it on on november 3rd, 3.00 p.m. So, after verifying our marks lists, they will give us one TCS ID, with that we can get in to the company. In my tech interview I was asked
to tell abt myself, and abt my project
then, ques on C, and oops concepts.
difference between structure and union?
asked to write a program for sorting?
difference between calloc and malloc?
wat are oops pinciples? explain them with real world examples?
wat is preprocessor?
explain abt storage classes?
explain compilation process in C?.

So, I have answered almost all the questions very confidently. And then we are asked to wait for few minutes. The results were out. My name is in the selected list. I am given one form to fill all my personal details..

Then I am called for my MR round
Please remember one thing... feedback will be sent from tech round to MR, and from MR to HR. So, do well all the rounds. And in my MR round I am asked to
tell abt myself?
why tcs?
are u intersted to relocate?
tell abt growth in IT field?

He asked me to write 5 s/w companies names on one paper and asked to which companies I have attended previously. Finally he asked me if i have any queries? There ends my MR round. So, it was 8.00pm in the evening the results were out, I got selected and I am asked to come for HR round

In my HR round, the questions are
tell me abt ur self?
why TCS shud hire you?
wat are ur strengths?
wat will u do, if your rejected?
How are you feeling abt tcs selection procedure????????

Thats it there ends my HR round.

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)