Hi Chetanaites

Im Anju Jha from DA-IICT, we had infosys on our campus on 17th July 2008

First round : written
Logical Reasoning 40 mins
Verbal 30 mins

Logical reasoning:-30 questions
 all questions from RS Agrawal verbal and non verbal
there were 6 questions each having 5 sub parts

1 st was of cube: three cubes are painted orange yellow blue on opposite faces and cut into 27 parts
how many will have no face painted, one face, two face painted etc
2 nd questions was of picture series and was difficult
3 rd was about arrangements
4th was mathematical and complicated - i guessed it
5th was about 6 people each knowing few subjects and some groups have to be made
so hw many groups can be made with people of one sex etc
6th - 1 statements was given followed by 2 assumptions had to guess if 1 st can be decided based on 1/2/none/both togtehre assumptions http://www.ChetanaS.org
i attempted 4 questions and guessed 2
- cut off was 15

Verbal- 40 questions
2 passages 10 questions - 1 was big 1 small. each had 5 questions
there were fil in the blanks
replace idioms in sentence with meanings
find the correct statement which states the given sentence in a concise manner
4 statements were given - had to find the one which was correct grammatically
5 statements were given - followed by options having three letters like ABC, AFE, mark the one where C logically follows from A and B

cutoff was 20

only 105/310 cleared

HR :
first of all he verified  my form - asked me all the details verbally which i had filled
the questions were
1. what do you do on your birthday?
2. what is the last thing you did based purely on intuition?
3. what was the last thing you did where you tried sth different?
4. when was the last time you had an idea and u persuaed ppl around you to follow it?
5. when was the  last time you had planned well in advance and things went completely wrong?
6. when was the last time sth went weong in a team u were working and u mediated? how?
7. puzzle1 : there is a well. in it there is 1 flower on 1st day. 2 floweres on 2nd day. 4 flowers on 3rd day. 8 on 4th day and so on till on the 30th day the pond is full of flowers, on which day were there half the number of flowers as there were on last day?
ANS 29th day
8. puzzle 2: make a clock write numbers from 1-12. divide the clock into 3 parts such that the sum of numbers on each is same. i cudnt do this in the interview but the answer is (1,2,11,12) (3,4,10,9) (5,6,7,8) all add upto 26. i cud say that the sum will be 26 he said ok
9. leadership qualities
10 family?

I wasnt sure if i cud clear the interview. though i did answer all questions i hadnt prepared for them and though i cud have given better answrs. but finally i got selected

overall the questions asked to all my freidns were also easy. nthgn to worry.. and dont worry about doing shakuntala devi n all that they r good for confidence.. but they asked puzzles to only bout 10 ppl in 105!!

ration 92/105 selected finally.