Hi Chetanaites

Total approx >100
Aftr written 40
Aftr HR 20
Finally 8 were selectd I waz one of da luckyyyy guy....
Dis wz ma 1st time wen I waz sitting for da big company SATYAM...

Total questions were 30 n dey hv given 60 mints..negative 0.25 for wrong anwer... so plzz itss bettr to not touch dat question in which ur not sure....

10 question from math..having..
Profit loss
Simple Intrest n Compound Intrset..
Height n distance...

6question from reasoning type..like
In table 3person r sitting.A iz wife of B n C iz da head o industry.A iz sister of C so, wat iz da relation between B n C..??
Ans...brother in law.

Series type easy question..like..
Ans...try it..is easy..

Coding type question.. 2questions...
Make sentence n tick da correct ansr....
Again its easy..

N atlast English.... so simple...dat an average student can also attempt atleast 85%questions. We hv total of appox more than 100 students but only 40 were selectd in written for HR round. Den dey given us topic for essay.... ma topic waz SINGUR CONTROVERSY.. only wid in 10mints 300words.. I hd completd dat in 8mints n returnd dat to sir..

Again its ma request 2 all 2 plzz go through some highlighted newz like..crikt, NUCLEAR deal, n also bot commercial like bot INFLATION.. Gain as much as data u can... SIR waz so cool....dat I cannt say u.... B confident.... n show ur smiling face alwayzzz...
Dey askd me..
Q] how u r, feelin nerveous..??
A] lil bit sir. its natural... sir started laughing..

Q] saw ma CV n ask me to tell something which is nt in CV bot u..??
A] sir m like mirror, wat u r seein me izz only I m.

Q] question bot SINGUR COTROVERSY??
A] xplaind him...sayzz brilliant..becoz I hv all da data n info bot dat..

Q] sir askd me m vocalist..as I m n also mentiond in ma CV??
A] yes sir..
Den sir told me to sing..without any hesitation I sang for him... Sir sayz brilliant..
N den some question bot ma marks as ma marks wazzz like decreasing from 10th to BCA... hd xplaind dat becoz of some problem.... waz impressd n told me BST of LUCK...

Aftr HR only 20 were selectd for TECHNICAL round.. n again I waz among 1 of dem.. Frndzz in technical u must hv throughtout base knowledge bot programming languages... (U must hv 2 knw atleast 3languages)

Wen sir askd me den frankly I said sir m good in C++ n JAVA but lil bit weak in C.. Becoz waz doin SCJP... n ma project wazz on JAVA itself...
Q] tell me bot JAVA why it is diffrnt from another language...n why it is calld platform independent..???
A] xplaind....
Q] den sir askd me bot ma project...n askd to write some codes regarding ma project...???
A] xplaind n hd written....
Q] da last question waz very easy....wat iz data encapsulation..?????
A] xplaind wid example....
Okieee..sir said thnx...shakes hand....

I left Sir's cabin wid a confidence that i've made through Satyam and when results were declared my name was in the list. Only 9 were selected from 20....
i'll say that itz a matter of a "Day". Every person has a day when everything goes right. So, never stop trying coz u never know when is your "DAY"

Author: Sachindra Kumar, NSHM Business School, Knowledge Campus, Kolkata

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)