Hi Chetanaites

I m Ansuman from GITA, Orissa.
Directly I m telling the process.
- Written starts from 12:50 to 1:50 (50 Questions)

i) 20 questions from English prepare from Barrons/R.S. Agr.
ii) 20 questions from Apti/reasoning mix (more apti abt. 15 qn). R.S agr. will help.
iii) 10 questions from Tech.
1. A digital circuit is give find its logical expression (A,B i/p to a AND gate & A & AB i/p to OR gate. R=AB+A.
2.Two c prog. o/p easy.
3.Two from unix.
4.Infix to Prefix notation convt.
I don't remember more.

- Only 86 from our college are selected & 140 from GIET, GUNUPUR from total 700 stud.

then comes
Technical Interview:
Don't take tension go with your fundamental idea over all the subject u hv read (means all electrical, electronics, computer...)
Because there r 3 types of interviewer-
i) Related to computer background
ii) Related to electrical background
iii) Related to electronics background
So when U enter into the room U don't know who will take your tech. PI. So if u r a computer science student & u go to the electronics interviewer then he will ask u what is difference betn C & C++. then what is BJT, FET, Abt. Trainers kit.
Because he don't know about C & C++. So u will be get F.

Then comes
HR interview:
Just a formal talk. Talk in confidence.
Thats all.

After 12 O'clock night only 19 students r selected from our coll. & 26 from GIET.

So Best Of Luck.

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)