Hi Chetanaites,

There were three sessions: Written, Technical & HR
1) First session was the Written Test.
There were three sections in this test, the test was online. The first section was about the quantitative aptitude. Second had a English (synonyms, antonyms) of some words and reading comprehension. Third section had technical questions mostly on C and C++ There was a passage writing after the online test on a particular topic.

2) The interview we had on the next day. Technical round was cool, he asked me only about my academic projects and asked me to write a program, that I had written, after the technical round he has given me a form which need to be filled before going to the HR round.
3) HR round was also cool, he asked me questions like
i) tell me about yourself
ii) what do you know about Wipro
iii) why should I hire you
iv) what difference do you bring if I hire you
v) he told me about the bond asked whether I was mobile, I told him yes.

The results have come at night 11:45, That was memorable night, my name was in the shortlisted who are selected for Wipro. There were about 800-900 appeared for the test 300-400 have cleared the written 130 have cleared the interview 120 have got selected.