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By Chetana S
Published on 22/11/2010
Test/Interview Location: HYDERABAD
Date of Test/Interview: 05 MAY 2010
Category: FRESHERS

Hi Chetanaites
Here is a question paper for AMCAT (HCL) which I faced...

question paper has 4 sections
1) Verbal (25)
2) Quantitative (35)
3) Analytical Ability (25)
4) Technical (8 q's)

Total time given : 107 minutes

Technical wasnt so tough.. 2 passages regarding technical (like Java is found in the year 1999, by james gosling..... so on) and q's from the passage only...
no need to worry about technical at all....

1) a bag contains 4 white balls, 5 red balls, 6 black balls. what is the probability dat v select 3 red balls from the bag ?
Ans: 2/91 (which I had got and answer present in the options)

2) In a village dere are 8000 people.6% men and 10% women were added. den the population becomes 8600. what is the total no. of men present in village?

3) From the word ASPIRATION, what is the probability to select an vowel ?

4) Arrange the word CORPORATION in such a way dat all the vowels come together. wat is the probability ?

5) 6,7,5,__,4,9.Fill the series.

6) TO:RVMQ:LWY:___

7) log((a+b)/3)=0.5(loga+logb). wat is the relation between a and b?

8) a=2, b^2-1=ab.find log(a^3+b^3) to the base (a+b).
9) a bag contains 3 black balls,3 yellow balls.A girl picks a ball and place it back in the bag. wat is the probability dat she selects a lack ball always ?

10) A boy chooses a number x.He finds dat square of x is less than x. wat is the range of x ?
c)x>0 and x<1
d) none of dese

11) A number x wen divided by 13 leaves a remainder 12.wat is the value of (x)^13/13?

12) 81,41,42,64.5,___,330.

13) A number 'a' lies between 2 and 3 (including 2,3). and number 'b' lies between 4 and 6(including). wat is the minimum and maximum value of a^2-b^2 ?

14) one question on seating arrangement clear idea [^] .....but not so tough....

15) 2 persons shyam and murali starts walking from the same point.shyam goes 4m towards east and turns left and walks 4m.murali walks towards 3m west and walks 4m right.wat is the distance between dem at dis point ?

16) the distance between 2 points A and B is 100m.2 persons who are at station A and B starts walking towards each other at the same time with the same velocity. one person walks straight the road for 30m and goes left for 10m and goes towards right for 2om from dat point. and den goes right and reaches the same road again. now, wat is the distance between dem ?

17)meanings and opposites of these words were asked
a) product
b) cite
c) reckless
d) disparate
e) migrant
f) grisly
g) trajectory
h) foolishly
i) append
j) mendacious
k) belligerent
l) harbinger
m) hostage
n) autocrat
o) prankish

18)the boy fell ______ the cycle
a) of
b) off
c) from
d) under

19) find error in the sentence... Can I lend your pencil for a minute, please ?

20) 2 passages were given.. and q's regrding dat passage

21) One pipe is 3 times faster dan the other pipe.bothe the pipes working together can fill the tank in 36 hours.wat is the time taken by slower pipe to fill the tank alone?

22) A number wen divided by 8,7,6,5 leaves a remainder 1,2,3,4. find the number ?
a)3208  b)3209   c)3334   d)3210
23) logx+logy=log(x+y)

24) (a+b)^3-(a-b)^3 =?
ans : 2b(b^2+3a^2)

25) wat is the power of 5 in the multiplication ? 90 * 80 *  70 * 60 * 50 * 40 * 30 * 20 * 10.

26) wat is the value of (1.0816)^1/2

27) log2 = 0.3010.wat is the value of 5^25 ?

Author : Sureena

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)