Hi Chetanaites
India bulls Power conducted test for Mechanical Engineering Branch :
1) General aptitude test
2) Technical Test
3) interview

Some of the questions from technical side are :

1) What is air fuel ratio in gas turbine?
ans: 1/40

2) What is density of sea water in normal range?
ans: 1030 Kg/m3

3) What are critecal parametersof water in boiler of thermat power plant?

4) Unit of moment of inertia?
ans: kgm2

5) Unit of dynamic viscocity?
ans: poise

6) What is yield stress of steel in kgf/cm2?

7) What is specific heat of ateam water?
ans: 2

8) For what purpose stellite is used in metallugry?

9) Why high capacity pumps are in vertical position than in horizontal position?

9) Discharges and power input were given, it was asked to arrande it in ascending order.

10) What is expression for specific speed of pump?
ans: N root Q/ H raised to power 1.25
11) Pressures and constant temperature values were given, it was asked to write it in ascending order of enthalpy.

12) What is unit of thermal conductivity?
ans: Kcal/kr C

13) When dryness fraction at turbie increses what happens?

Author : Vijay

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)