Hi Chetanaites
I m ashok I want to share my views about EKT exam that I have given in Bamraulli Airforce School

Test comprise two section:
1. General Engineering
2. Stream wise (Electronics and Telecom)
General Engineering section is so simple.. You can easily clear this section if you know the basic physics and chemistry at inter level
qustion on electromagnetism, a simple question on chemistry.. a question on resistor (its on colour coding). This section is so simple jus go through the ncert books of physics and chemistery (dnt go into details (like in organic chemistry)..

2nd Section is Stream wise if you are from ECE, then do these kind of questions
question on radar (do all the basic and function of each type of radar)
question on power amplifier (classA, B, C, AB, D and E amplifier; just do the basic of these amplifier.. dnt go into tough equations)
qustion on TV engineering... jus do basics. like colour theory, fly back time..
question on wein bridge oscillator..... its used for measuring frequency
question on probability (it will be a simple question)
question on fourier and laplace transform...... (it will be simple fr you if you know the basic formules)
question on alloy like stainless steel comprise... and on strength of materials
I hope this will help you in EKT exam...
All the best and do well

Author : Ashok

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)