Hi Chetanaites
I appeared for EKT on 31st Oct 2009. Fast Track Selection at Nagpur...around 500 ppl were there n they shortlisted 12 candidates out of 250 in 1st batch... N those have to appear for Technical and PI

General Engg= 40 marks,
Specialist paper= 35 marks

I belong to Electronics & Communication stream. Here I am going to share my experience about paper. I hope it will help you all.
First of all, for cracking Indian Air forces EKT, either you have to be very much prepared or you have to be very lucky. So just keep faith in God n do over all preparation. The cut off is really high as they want highly efficient candidates. I am giving some questions as well as some points, so can prepare for it.

General Engg : Its quite tough n if you get through it then only you can get through EKT..

1. Go through 12th standards chemistry, phy, and mathematics...

2. Aptitude: probability(1Q), Log(2Q), data sufficiency(1Q), arithmetic and geometric progression(1Q), No series(2Q)

3. There 25 chocklates to be distributed among 7 children and each shd atleast get 3, in how many ways these can be done?
a)115, b)105...3 more options in these range

4. A ball thrown from the height 200m it will bounce back to 1/3rd of its height, how much distance will it cover b4 reaching to rest?
Ans: use GP formula: 200+2*{[(1/3)*a]/[1-(1/3)]}

5. What will happen if choroform mixed with acetone?

6. Problems based on straight lines, points in math
7. 3 points coordinates were given and they asked the value of t, for that point to be collinear with rest 2 points
(3,-2), (0,-5) & (t,2)...Exact cordinates I cant recall..its just a type

8. Convex mirrors image distance and object dist on X and Y cordinates is plotted, then it will form which curve
a) Parabola, b)Hyperbola, c) ellipse & 2 more options

9. Gas particles at room temp will
a) Vibrate forward & backward
b)Collide with the walls of container
c)It will create the pressure on walls of container
& 2 more options

E & C Engg sections : its easy and you can always score in it

1. Go through Communication, modulation, modulators, Demodulators & components used in it, Filters & components used in it

2. Degital Elect, Amplifiers Class-A, B, AB, C, D, CE,CC,CB confi, Analog Electro: integrators, Differentiators,Lead, Lag Systems

3. Unit of some quantity in [L M T] form
4. Binary coding is efficient upon Decimal coding--> I find it quite confusing
a)yes b)No c)Sometimes d)both r unefficient

Guys I did not get selected.. But I wish you all best of luck

Author : Piyusha Tambekar

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)