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The following are the questions that appeared in the CET test for Ground duty officers [GDOC]. The paper was divided in 2 sections

(a) General awareness : 30 questions in 20 minutes

I have mentioned the questions I remember below.

1. Buddha got enlightment at ............gaya

2. Most of the forests in india is covered by ................. deciduous forests.

3. Global warming is caused by ............ gas.   Ans : carbon dioxide.

4. who is the national security advisor of india at present???

5. Name the governor general of India who was impeached by the british government during their rule in india????

6. Who started swaraj party???

7. buddha was against........
(a) idol worship (b) vedic rituals (c)workship of nature (d) ascerstism...

8. one question about renaissance...
9. choose the correct order in which the following items are grown (descending) in india.
(a) wheat-rice-pulses- cereals
(b) rice-wheat-cereals-pulses
(c) cereals-pulses-rice- wheat

10. the largest sea is ..........meditaranean sea.

11. choose the correct spelling.............
(a) trully  (b) truely  (c) truly  (d) trulie

12. give one word.....
A place where fruit tress are grown... Ans : Orchard
A person who is running away fron justice..... Ans : Traitor (not sure)

13. which river originates from Amarkantak??? Ans : narmada

14. the pass b/w india and china that was reopened recently.....Ans : nathu la pass
15. Free trade zones were setup to support.......
(a) export   (b) small scale insustries  (c) people living in hilly regions  (d) all of these

16. During whose rule did cultural expansion took place in south-east asia....
(a) cholas   (b) mauryas   (c) rajputs    (d)   none of these

(b) English : it consisited of 5 questions.. 30 minutes to write this section

1. Write a letter to your uncle on his 70th birthday.

2. A passage is given n we have write briefly about the passage n give a title to it.

3. questions to convert sentences from active to passive voices and vice versa.
4. Correct the following sentence.
     He is tired playing cricket

Author : El Nino

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)