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By Chetana S
Published on 13/01/2011
Company Name: INFOGAIN
Test/Interview Location: USIT, GGSIPU, DELHI
Date of Test/Interview: 16 NOV 2010
Category: FRESHERS

Hi Chetanaites
I have appeared for Infogain interview test. Below I share my experience with you.
There were 3 rounds.
1) Written (Objective: Aptitude+OOPS+RDBMS+file storage system+programming concepts)
2) HR Interview
3) Technical Interview

Written: (Aptitude & Technical)

Time: 1 hour

Questions: 30+30 (+1 for correct answer and no negative marking). Aptitude questions were very simple. Even a 10th class student can score 30 out of 30. Technical questions are as follows: don't remember complete questions but I will write only topic name.

1) Far pointer concept

2) Little endian and big endian coversion

3) Bit wise ANDing, ORing

4) Can a structure be declared in void main()

5) Tree traversing: Infix was given and had to convert to prefix

6) Virtual functions

7) Inheritence

8) Can constructors be overloaded

9) Arrange in ascending oreder: bit, field, byte, record, file(or table), database

10) Surrogate key

11) Primary key

12) Direct memory access

13) How to find structure size without using sizeof() operator:
Ans: (char*)(ptr+1)-(char*)(ptr) where ptr is an pointer object of the structure

14) Quick sort concept

15) Quick sort complexity

16) Merge sort complexity

17) Merge sort is the technique which requires extra space.

18) Types of SQL commands:
Ans: ddl, dml and dcl
19) Which of the following can be used as a filter.
(a) Select (b) Where (c) Group by (d) Having

20) sql command

21) Immediate addressing (from micrprocessors)

22) Encapsulation

These are the questions which I remember out of 30 questions.

Key for selection in Infogain : don't perform too badly and dont perform too good since they create a window of marks. Those who get marks in that window will be shortlisted for interview.

Author : Vivek

(Paper Submitted By : Priya)