NIC Exam for Scientific Programmers -2011

Hi Chetanaites

I have written NIC Exam today (20/11/2011) in Hyderabad

Exam consists of 100 Questions.

Section 1 - 75 Questions - 1 mark each

Section 2 - 25 Questions - 3 Marks each

1/3 rd negative mark for each wrong answer.

Question paper is distributed in 4 sets.

In my opinion CSE or MCA or M.Sc (Computer science) students can achieve this if they do some quick revision of all their graduation or post graduation subjects.

Question paper covered all the topics such as:
1. Software Engineering
2. Computer Graphics
3. Computer architecture
4. Computer networks
5. Operating System
7. TOC
8. Compiler design
9. Java
10. C
11. Mobile communications

I will share some sample questions that i remembered. But  I cant say they are exactly same. My intension is to share some experience with you.

1. What is the output of the following c program
#include <stdio.h>
int main()
int x=10,y=20;
int p=1, q=0;

2. What is the output of the following program.
int main()
int a[6]="WORLD";
for(int i=0,int j=1;i<j;a[i++]=a[j--])
} }

3. int main
const int x=1;

4. B+trees theroy based question

5. Need to find entropy in  Huffmann coding

6. A hardware availability ratio is 90% and its mean time to failure (MTF) is 200 days. They want to increase its availability ratio to 95%. During this process, its mean time to repair (MTTR) is 5 days. Then what is the mean time to failure?
a. 205 days b. 500 days c. 300 days d. 700 days

7. In computer graphics, the process of converting the color to its nearest available palette is called?
a. color dithering b. rendering

8. In Which phase of animation uses the law of physics.
a. dynamics

9. In a spanning tree

10. Pop Operation of stack is:
a. decrement the counter by 2 and remove the data from queue

11. The model of forward engineering is:
a. model to code   b. code to model

12. What quality need to be improved by cmmi level 4 company to get cmmi level 5?
a. Defect prevention   b. Defect propagation c. Defect isolation d. Defect detection

13. Major effort in which phase

14. Which processor is used in mobile devices

15. Transport layer is used to ensure what?
a. delivery of packet to end to end   b. Delivery of frames to end to end

16. Problem related to optimum packet size

17. What is the maximum height of a AVL tree with ten nodes, if the height of one node is zero.

18. In real time scheduling, which algorithm will be used?
a. FCFS b. SJF c. Priority

19. In an organisation they wanted to implement an operating system in which the process releases all the resources locked by it before making the request for another resource. This kind of implementation will affect what?
a. starvation and deadlock will be avoided
b. Starvation only be avoided but not deadlock
c. Deadlock only be avoided but not starvation
d. Neither deadlock nor starvation will be avoided

20. In OS, Given 5 processes CPU burst time and need to find the Average mean time

21. Given a circuit, Need to find the output. a. ex-or b. nand c. nor d.ex-nor

22. Line coding of the given sequence.
a. (a,3)(b,2)(a,1)(c,2)(d,5)

23. Line coding is used for what purpose in data commuication?

24. Which process is used to convert the model into image?
a. UV mapping b. rendering

25. Everytime compiler will see in which of the following tables

26. ARP is used to find what?
a. mac address from ip address
b. IP addresss from mac address

27. Port number is indicates what?
a. Network address b. Physical address

28. An EPROM is connected with 4bit address bus, 16 bit data bus. what is the maximum data it can store
a. 64 bit

29. Given a decimal number, need to find its 9's complement

30. Vector graphics and raster graphics

31. Which of the following is not a keyword in JAVA
a. Synchronized  b.transient  c. native  d. null

32. P0,p1 are two processes having the following functionality. (This is not exact program)
p1  {

This situation depicts what?
a. signal  b. wait   c. deadlock d. interrrupt

33. If there are exactly K children in a K-ary tree. If n is the number of internal nodes, then how many number of leaf nodes will be there
a. NK  b. N(k-1)+1 c. K(N-1)

34. Code generator is used to generate the code from which of the following?
a. Middle level language  b. low level language  c. High level d. all of the above

35. Given an alp code, need to find how many fetch operations it will perform.

36. In which of the following Fetch operation wont perform
a. registers b. stacks

37. In mobile devices which of the following processor is used.
a. AMD B. Intel  c. AMR

38. Von neumann architecture

39. Which of the following are real time operating systems in mobile devices
a. Windows phone 7 b. android c.Mee go

40. Data is of 1000 bits. The maximum speed of network is 10,000 kbps. The RTT and ack is 1 sec. Then how much is the idle time that computer need to wait to send this message.

41. Data is 24 bits. For every packet there will be 3 header bits. Then What is the optimum size of packet.
a. 4 b. 6 c. 9 d. 7

42. In which of the following stores the one bit of info
a. flip flop b. Register

43. To remove race condition in J-K flip flop, what u need to do.
a. attach the master to slave etc

44. What is the output of the following program.
int main()
   printf("%d",printf("COMPUTER SCIENCE"));

45. HTML is used to markup -------- and xml is used to markup -----------?
a. data, text b. text,data c. data, data

46. What is the use of bridge in data communication?

47. Which of the following is true about CSMA/CD?
a. CSMA/CD follows the IEEE 802.11 protocol
b. It is not  used for collision detection

48. If you are passing an address  of an array as a parameter to a function, then what exactly u are passing.
a. passing the address of an array where it is located.
b. passing the address of first element of array.

49. A company want to allot ip address to a 64 computers in a network of type CLASS B. How can they give.
a.  b.

50. While searching for a mobile device what happens
a. it will update the info of last BT with latest one when the call is initiated
b. it will search for recent BT.
c.  it will update the info of last BT with latest one when the call is completed

51. In JAVA, which of the following technology is used to implement CGI technology.
a. servlet b. servlet api c. Servlet interface

52. Which of the following is not used as the scope when u are using the java bean in JSP
a. session

53. Student (rollno, name, address)
Enroll (rollno, course no, course name)
If each of the table consists of 120 and 8 records in each of the table, then how many maximum and minimum records will be there if u apply natural join between these tables.
a. 120, 8  b. 960,8 c. 960,120

54. If you are applying foreign key then which of the following is not true.
a. In atleast one table, the participating column should be primary key
b. The column datatype should be of same in both the tables.

55. Given a complete set of columns of  a table u need to find 3 nf of the following set.
(course, studentrolllno, …….)

56. Which phase of project life cycle will take maximum effort.
a. design b. coding c. maintenance        

57. They gave in KLOC, what is the effort to complete it. (Need to calculate Effort from KLOC)