HR Interview:
 Its cool and relax round.

1.First they will ask u to intro urself.
2.Ur strength and weakness.Be clear abt this.
3.Ur acheivements
4.They are very particular abt the GAPS in our studies.
5.Ur Hobbies.
6.Why u choose accenture and tell abt it.
7.Willing to relocate.(Say Yes &.ready to work anywhere for Accenture)

Technical Interview:
1.Abt Ur project.(u will be grilled by them)
2.Be confidence.(They will check ur temper by asking some questions)
3.Abt software development life cycle
4.Abt ur interest area in computer field
5.Abt memory management in Operating System.
6.Abt Unix basic commands
7.Abt doubly linked list
8.Fibonacci series and palindrome program in C.
9.Abt Gates(Be prepare on Digital Circuit Logic Design)
10.Abt complier design(phases)
11.Abt TCP&IP and OSI Model.
12.Abt OOPS concepts.
(Paper Submitted By : Sachin Chhabra)