Various Tips for Effective Job Search

    26 Commandments for Personal Interviews

    Well, a personal interview could actually be challenging and fun if you just relax and remain focused. Think of it as a conversation between the interview panel and yourself, so enjoy it thoroughly. Here are 26 Commandments for Personal Interviews.
    Off the late, I have been witnessing many instances where job seekers (especially Freshers) are getting cheated by FAKE Consultancies and Companies. I don't want that to happen to you. With minimum care, you can avoid getting cheated. Most of you might be aware of these things but still many of you fall in trap by their convincing false claims. These guidelines might help someone who is new to industry or fresh out of college. Please forward this to every one of your friends and try to help at least few of them from getting cheated.
    As a fresher, you may not know what to do to succeed in the interviews. In such case, this small article helps you to know few basic things to follow.
    These are the 11 top reasons that may be causing your rejection in interviews. I hope this will be useful to all those who are attending interviews.

    Interview Etiqutte

    First impressions can make or break an interview. Your clothes, hairstyle, gestures, and anything else an interviewer sees before you open your mouth make your first impression. Some estimates are that the first 30 seconds determine success or failure. Know the interview etiqutte here.


    Small mistake can cost you a job. Avoid these 6 common mistakes in the interview to maximize your chances of getting a job offer.


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